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      Mrs Keeling sat straight up in bed.

      And theres the opening of the hospital wing to-morrow, she said. I suppose you wont be at the office in the morning at all?

      Mrs Keeling got up in some confusion.


      She got up, the sense of being wronged for the moment drowning her shame. It was his fault; he had made her think that he wanted her. She had long been termed his Helper, and now he had made himself clear by terming himself the mere man. At least she had thought he made himself clear. But the silence made him clearer.



      And did she see you? asked Alice, with a sort of idiotic eagerness. All the time there was ringing in her head, like a peal of baritone bells through{221} the quackings of the telephone, the lovely words, My dear little Helper! Bless you, my dear little Helper.